Physically Fighting Ageing Early On

Ask any older person what their biggest regrets are, and the fact they did not look after their bodies when they were younger is sure to feature highly. Our bodies, when younger, are a well-oiled machine. And just like a machine, it will last far longer if we drop oil into it when it is […]

How to Mentally Feel Younger

It is one thing to take steps to physically fight ageing and the effects of time, but the truth is that youth is also a mental construct. We all know someone who is mentally old before their time, just as we probably all know someone who is ‘young at heart’. One of the best ways […]

How to Naturally Fight Ageing

There are a few things that are guaranteed in this world and one of them is that we will all age over time. Whilst we do all show the signs of ageing differently (some better, some worse) there are some things that we can do that do not require medical intervention and will help us […]

Natural Hair Loss Preventions

There is a lot of conjecture over what does and doesn’t work in the battle against baldness. It is true that once baldness has started to show itself and creep in, it is definitely harder to fight, and often the sufferer finds themselves resorting to hair transplants or ‘plugs’. However, there are a number of […]

How to Encourage Regrowth of Hair

A lot has been said about looking after a healthy scalp and preventing hair loss, but there are also a lot of things we can do once hair has started to disappear in order to encourage regrowth. It must be remembered, first of all, that the only scientifically proven method of regrowing hair after the […]

Male Pattern Baldness

Anyone who suffers from male pattern baldness will attest to it being an absolute confidence destroyer as well as what feels like a losing battle. Every time a balding person combs their hair to try and cover up a thin patch, they uncover another, or they find more dead hairs in their comb than last […]

Hair Loss – Common External Culprits

Some people will say that male pattern baldness is an eventuality for all of us. And whilst it is true that nearly all of the population will experience at least thinning hair if not actual baldness, there are external forces that we often do not think about which make hair loss more of a problem […]

Self Body Lifting and Beyond

Anyone who has been to a gym or enjoyed an outdoor activity day has, most likely, done something involving self body lifting. But what if we want that extra kick and want to get used to lifting not just ourselves, but additional weight as well? One of the simplest ways to achieve this is to […]

Self-Body Lifting at the Gym

Body lifting is traditionally thought of as something that goes hand-in-hand with the great outdoors. Thanks to the thrill that it provides, it is definitely more popular with explorers and seekers of excitement, but for a more utility-based approach, body lifting at the gym gives us a chance to develop our upper half and really […]

Urban Self Body Lifting

Despite what thrill seekers may say, it really is not necessary to climb the top of a mountain range to truly enjoy self body lifting. Of course, if you want a nice view to look out over as you congratulate yourself, then it’s perfect. But urban and rural locations provide just as many opportunities, albeit […]